Net BSD Recovery

(Salena Gomes) #1

BSD Data Recovery is a professional tool which recovers lost or corrupt Unix BSD data from Sparc based volumes in Solaris

platforms. This way, it recovers lost directories, files and even volumes from UFS2 and UFS1 hard disk. This software runs on

hard drive interfaces of all types including SATA, SCSI, IDE and EIDE. It also has the option to search for missing or lost

hard disk volumes. On UFS1/UFS2 hard disk volumes, it maintains file integrity while recovering. It performs recovery of UFS1

data in Solaris-Sparc 8 or advanced platforms. This software performs smooth and instant data recovery of deleted or lost

files from 3 different BSD distributions – NetBSD, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. So, have a quick look at its features It comes with

two different options to locate logical volumes. It can scan the hard drive directly if table of partition is recreated or

damaged or use information of partition table to recover volume or drive list. Download link :-