Mali-450 support by lima

(Johnny) #22

Ok - it worked successfully for off-screen rendering - but to render directly to the screen requires modifications to mesa - specifically a DRI shim for the mediatek HDMI output (basically allows rendering on Lima (/dev/dri/card1) but with the final output written to an area of graphics memory using dmabuf.

After discussions on #dri-devel and #lima on freenode IRC - I have successfully written the shim and the R2 can now render directly to the screen :slight_smile:

I’m cleaning up my code now - making sure everything is compliant and any uneeded testing is reverted.

Then I’ll be updating my repositories with both the 4.20 kernel driver and the modified mesa with the Mediatek DRI shim driver - I’ll keep you posted.

(Frank W.) #23

How far are you with code-cleaning? We want to see how lima works :slight_smile:

(Johnny) #25

Should be tomorrow :slight_smile: sorry for the delay - been busy, might have a surprise addition too :wink:

(Frank W.) #26

any news here? can you please upload to your github and make a pull request?