Kernel 4.19-rc1 for testers

(Frank W.) #61

i’ve added these patches to above repo ( but it does not work on my TV, imho v3-patches show xserver, but v5 does not work

same with (v3 12/12) applied

log including x-server: 4.19-rc7-hdmiv5.log (60,4 KB)

from logs it looks well, but unsupported mode on TV instead of working X-Display…i guess it’s a hsync/vsync-issue

(Frank W.) #62

Have you found a problem in these patches? Hoping these do not go in mainline because then i need to patch them out to include my old patches


I still could not reproduce your problem in my R2 (I can see debian desktop).

Some of these patches have already been merged, and the only problem is that we need to reconnect the cable if we want to boot up with the 720p (1080p is ok). So… I guess you can try to reconnect it.

(Frank W.) #64

I have used 1080p and have reconnected cable…have you compiled my branch for testin (to compare with your code)?

I guess it is a hsync/vsync-problem because of the message,but it does not show settings it gets… btw. I have a 10m cable between r2 and tv

i see no merge in 4.19-rc…maybe it’s merged to matthias bruggers or drm-tree, but not yet in 4.19

drivers/gpu/drm/mediatek/mtk_hdmi_phy.c and drivers/gpu/drm/mediatek/mtk_mt2701_hdmi_phy.c are missing, mst of the other files related to mt7623 are last changed before september 2018

as you see in my logs i try to bootup with 1080p as this setup works with old drivers…all other does not.

(Alex R.) #65

Hi @Ryder.Lee!

I’ve compiled and tested Frank’s branch. It’s doesn’t work for me: no signal on boot, and this after hdmi reconnect.

P.S. my TV is 1080p.

(Frank W.) #66

if anyone wants to test, i have created a branch where all (wifi,poweroff,hdmiv1+fbdev) is merged together (don’t want to merge to main-branch, because i have not tested much):

and uploaded to my gdrive

hdmi, wifi and poweroff seem to work on a quick test :slight_smile:

please give response if it works for you or if you have any issues

(Maciek Szelągowski) #67

Is it barnch named 4.19-main on your github?

(Frank W.) #68

the merged is named 4.19-merged, see my link :wink: 4.19-main currently have only build-in-features of 4.19 without wifi, hdmi and poweroff (have not much tested these). will merge to main if no new issue is found