Is it possible to support Android 4.4 on M3 and M64

(Andrew Leo) #1

I need Android 4.4 image which can run on M3 and M64, wonder if anyone has the image, or it is possible to run Android 4.4 on M3 and M64?

(bpi team) #2

BPI-M3 just support 5.0 ,not 4.4 support .

BPI-M64 support android 6.0

why you need android 4.4 , it need time to development .

(Andrew Leo) #3

Cydia will work well on Android 4.4, but do not support 5.0 and above, that is why we want it.

Do you have plan to develop 4.4 which can run on M3 and M64? or is it hard to do that?

(bpi team) #4

we not plan to do android 4.4 on M3 and M64 , maybe you need use BPI-M1, M1+ , it support android 4.4

(Andrew Leo) #5

Much thanks!

By the wat, is it hard to build 4.4 running on M3 by myself ?

(bpi team) #6

yes, many work need to do . porting and test all driver . allwinner not support android 4.4 for A64 and A83T chip .

(Andrew Leo) #7

get it. Thank you very much.

(mingkulee) #8

Do you have the M3 with android 6.0 source code?