How should i use BPI-R1?

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I have a BPi-R1 with Igor’s 3.2 that runs as a router (with pppoe) and nginx/php5/mysql config for my wife’s blog and also with ez-ipupdate for dynamic dns I have a nasty issue… once every 2 or 3 days, my board freezes for no aparent reason It does this even if root is on SD card (only sd card connected) or HDD (I have a modified mSATA adapter to get power from 3,3V SATA power connector… I removed the 3,3V regulator and added a thick wire from the 3,3V provided by the board through the SATA connector) Also I moved from this configuration: So the system is cooled by the 12v fan powered at 5v, with soctemp reporting 34,7 degrees, and pmutemp reporting 41 degrees Also the power source is stable (I had a script that monitored the voltage before it freezed… it never dropped below 5,09V) I already tested with wireless power management disabled by command (added in rc.local too)

Please help. Thanks!

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