HDMI or DP support on Linux?

(Bernd Schindler) #1


Is there any timeframe for HDMI or DP support under (Ubuntu) Linux for the W2?

We are building a project, which requires the display output. The hardware of the W2 is absolutely perfect for our needs, but we also require Linux. Android is not an option.

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(michal5520pl) #2

HDMI is being under repair in Linux kernel as I know

(Bernd Schindler) #3

I understand that, but I would be glad to know if it’s to be expected somewhen soon or if this might become a never-ending story? It would be a shame for this great hardware not to get full Linux support.

(Ed) #4

Yes. My company will soon be ordering hundreds of boards, and if there is no Linux HDMI support, we will be going with another vendor.


I am waiting for HDMI support on Linux before I place my order.

Kodi box / NAS in single case absolutely must have working HDMI.

(Ning) #6

HDMI works in 4.1 kernel already, it proved the hardware works, we are working with RTK to make HDMI work in 4.4 kernel now.

(Bernd Schindler) #7

Then why can’t we just use 4.1 until a newer version is properly supported? Can anybody please release it?

(Ning) #8

We are considering on it, but before releasing we must make it stable on the board.

(Bernd Schindler) #9

This still doesn’t answer my original question about (at least a rough) timeframe. We (and as seen here also some others) are planning to use the W2 in a project with hundreds of devices. Without knowing what to expect, it’s definitely out of the game!

(Ning) #10

We will fix the issue in one to two months, and we can not give the exact time, because this is mainly dependent on RTK.

(Ed) #11

How might we impress upon RTK the urgency of this issue?

(Ed) #12

It’s been a week without updates. Anything to report?

(Ed) #13

I realize several of us are waiting for HDMI out, but is the HDMI in port supported? If not, will it be when HDMI out support is available?