Frist use banana pi m2 zero using on lapdock atrix

(Carlos Alberto) #1

Hi , i love this hardware for use with lapdock motorola atrix .

I no have more sdcards (buaa , i need buy … ) , for system operational , is possible boot from usb with pendrive ?

my frist language is pt-br português , thanks this little information.

(Carlos Alberto) #2

I buy sdcard , otg i not have sucess to boot , using usb pendrive over otg

(Carlos Alberto) #3

I finish my atrix mod.

(Carlos Alberto) #4

(Carlos Alberto) #5

@ArchiMark, you view this my project?


Congratulations, Carlos!

You seem like very persistent person.

Hope you enjoy using it!

Meanwhile, I have fun with my little Banana Pi Zero W UMPC…

(Carlos Alberto) #7

Very nice is possible buy one? What price?


Thank you.

Yes, it’s possible to buy one.

Look at this video and read the complete text description with info below the video. Has price and contact info for Chris, the guy that makes them. He is very good to deal with.


You can check out my photos and some info at:

Photos include some size comparisons with a 7" GPD Pocket and 15" Apple MacBook Pro.