Forum with SSL-Security


I’ve found no suitable category :frowning:

the Forum currently has no secured access, any login-data/Profile-info will be transferred plain-text. when will ssl be supported here?

Regards Frank


Why are they not using the free version ? Letsencrypt?

it is some work to configure and update…

No its not alot of work anymore with certbot. I have done so many for my clients it just takes around 10-15mins only.

I know :slight_smile: i also use certbot…but it seems no one is interested by https-support here from bpi-team

Yes that I m aware of that’s why I asked them for moderator access so I can delete the advert post lol.

I see they’re very busy or maybe a very small team. I am trying to help them as much as I can.

Lets see if they’re serious about the SSL.

I think because is no ssl discourse Android app doesn’t allow this forum to be added to their app.

@sinovoip do you plan to upgrade the forum to ssl anytime soon?

Normally http and https can exist (and do if you don’t make a forced redirect) simultanously

Yes I am aware of it and I tried it both on discourse Android app but it cannot find this forum at all as discourse maybe very old version of discourse? I think ssl is the reason but I may be wrong.

it’s 2.4.0-beta2 and should be from this year:

seems like Jul 15 2019 strange that release is earlier in May