Flashing Android Firmware fails - what are the prerequisites?

(Alexander) #1

I bought the M2+ board and want to use it as an Android car navigation box, but failed in flashing your Android image on SD card or MMC. I have an up-to-date Laptop with 64bit Debian (aptosid) and USB 3 host, dual-boot with Windows 10. On Linux after flashing for 2 minutes, LiveSuit gives the error “too many devices”. That seems to mean the board is recognized by USB 2 and 3 simultaneously and the xhci module has to be blacklisted. After doing that, the problem persists. If I blacklist xhci_pci or xhci_hcd as well, USB stops working. No ehci module is loaded.

On my older PC without USB3, running 32bit aptosid and 64bit siduction (both debian) in dual-boot, the board does not get recognized. Same on my Laptop running Windows 10 no matter under which compatibilty mode I run PhoenixSuit, if I run it as Admin or not. An SD card flashed with Windows PhoenixCard does not boot- Maybe it does boot and no picture is seen on my DVI Monitor, but usually I get at least a flashing image, but here “no signal” and the board’s LED shows red.

I guess my systems are too new or too old and I wonder on which kind of Linux or Windows systems the flash tools are tested. I could install Ubuntu on one of my PCs if I know it will work.

So far, I resorted to h3droid.com whose image could be installed by my Kindergarten children if I had any… :slight_smile: Maybe you could exchange resources with the h3droid team.

btw. be aware of Google’s new Play Store policy:

To make my eeti eGalax touch screen working, I usually have to patch the kernel and build a customized system. I guess then I will be unable to use Play Store. This happened on another SBC already, seems I have to do without Google. White-listing did not work for me: Google’s site complained the Android ID not being 16 digits long, but it was. With h3droid my touch screen works out of the box, amazingly. I wonder how it works with your image if I am able to use it.

And I am looking forward to your Android 7 image already announced!

Cheers Alexander

(bpi team) #2

are you test this image ??? android 4.4 V3

android 7.0 will coming soon

(Alexander) #3

I tried, but the flash tool is not working. So it is not the image’s fault.

(Carlos Alberto) #4

Yes, i try android 4 v3, after update all packages, netflix and others update to new version not work with v3 more.

(Alexander) #5

Can someone report on which kind of system you were able to flash the M2+ Android image to MMC or SD card? Wich Linux distri or windows version, laptop or desktop, USB 2 or 3.