Ffplay with h264_vdpau problem

(pipitan) #1

Dear BPI team, When use ffplay -vcodec h264_vdpau filename, it shows the “decode-slice-header error”. But I can use mplayer or mpv susscessfully, but with a long time delay.

Could any one solve the ffplay vdpau issue for me?

Thanks in advance!

(lorddestruction6@freemail.hu) #2

Have you find out any solution for your problem. Because I’m suffering almost same kind of thing on my board aswell …

(pipitan) #3

Not yet:sob: But MPV is better than other two ones.

(lorddestruction6@freemail.hu) #4

okay but with mpv you cant add / change subtitles or audio language or any such these basic things like this.