Extend root partition on sd card or boot from usb

(David Ambarsumov) #1

Hello I am trying to set up banana pi router r1 with ubuntu minimal image I downloaded and extract it (dd) to sd card, but sd card is 8Gb and partiriron is juat 1.1 Gb,

its not enough I tried to follow the instructions about extend root partition for banana devices like delete parturition 2, recreate partition with biger size and extend it but I cant create a partition fdisk allows me create just 99Mb partition.

other case: I am tried to change the root parttititon to USB I followed the instructions, mount use rsync change config files at /boot start script to create src file but nothing changed it continues to use sdcard root partititon

whats the problem, and whats happeneng with img on sd card.

UPD I tried also just to crete with GPARTED an other partition and remount there /home but mount backs ‘error couldn’t mount RDWR because of unsupported optional features (400)’ Thank you



(David Ambarsumov) #3

thank you I will play around with it