Debian 9 and lan

(Frank W.) #21

mhm, every port has its own ip-subnet, different mac-adress and not directly bridged together so i have currently no idea whats wrong…

can you connect the r2 on these ips over the switch?

(andarius40) #22

Yes only wan ip is directly connected to my internet access, if I use wan port no connexion to internet.

(andarius40) #23

Maybe make tests with another kernel

(Frank W.) #24

So you can access r2 but not internet? These traffic has to be routed and also need nat if you have only 1 public ip. Default-gateway on clients need to be r2,on r2 next hop from your isp

(andarius40) #25

I have access to internet if I configure lan3 with ip for internet if I configure wan interface no internet (no led on wan interface)

Another issue with lan0 a laptop obtain an IP from DHCP server on R2, but not possible to access to R2 or ping R2.

Thank you.

(andarius40) #26

Tomorrow I upgrade my kernel to 4.14.62

(Frank W.) #27

4.14.62 contains second gmac…so you have to set eth1 to up before configure wan

(andarius40) #28

Yes I see that, but with this update all lan interface are ok.

For use wan

On /etc/network/interfaces

auto eth1

iface eth1 inet manual

pre-up ip link set $IFACE up

post-down ip link set $IFACE down

After configure wan

And same for eth0


(andarius40) #29

I have access to all service DNS, SSH. But after add lan3 for internet access, I lost DNS and SSH.

I think maybe issue is when routing is activate