Cast / Screen mirroring / wireless display not working


Hi there!

Took me a couple of days to find out that the how-to about flashing Android to the eMMC of my new M64 won’t work with Windows 10 but Windows 7 and that I would need to select the driver(s) manually from the PhoenixSuit directory (which does not seem to be documented anywhere). However: With Win7 and manually applying the drivers thing it worked now —> yay!

The latest Android build now runs fine :slight_smile:

The main purpose to run Android is to be able to use screen cast aka. screen mirroring aka. wireless display.

From my CyanogenMOD Galaxy S5 I don’t see any available devices from my Samsung smartphone even though I got “Enable wireless display” ticked in the settings of the Android at the the BananaPi M64 (Settings --> Display --> Cast). It works fine from my smartphone with other devices though.

Any idea what needs to be done to make this work?

(tim) #2

Hi on my board (A64 board(designed by myself) not M64), the wifi display can work. So maybe you should check the wifi directly permission of xml enable or not on your /etc/permissions folder