Bpir2wrt Openwrt-Fork for BPI-R2

(Peter Piper) #1

I made some effort to create a Openwrt fork for BPI-R2. I appreciate some help by changing luci configuration to match wmt wifi device. And switch config. I do this in my spare time. You are welcome to contribute issues and patches over github.

DTSI OVERCLOCKING PATCH is not going into build so don’t worry. You need to patch manually in build_dir. And its useless as well… But i will add some governors known from android to decrease average power consumption.

  • Trunk branch is develop :thinking:, could be broken
  • Master is Master :wink:, should be last compiling version
  • Initial Release is R1 / BPI-R2 only, kinda “production” version Just clone and compile the usual openwrt way and you are good to go. Overlayfs is working didnt tested sata yet. For

(Peter Piper) #2


  1. Make luci configuration work (new feed repository?)
  2. Make GPIO work
  3. Make BPIR2-GPIO-luci-app (new feed repository?)
  4. Make sunovoip to help us
  5. Best would be to shrink this crazy wifi driver some day


  1. I removed unneeded files from branch R1 which is the initial branch for people who just want to download the sources for BPI-R2 and build a image for it.
  2. Changed image generation, changed file ending, removed zipping and metadata from sd and emmc images to remove unzip fault and ease use of win32imager for windows :face_vomiting: users :kissing_heart:

(Frank W.) #3

And make it work without this wmt-tools :slight_smile: