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(József Tóth) #21

Hi! I saw this error log ([AO][_AO_if_video_HDMI_mode]HDMI not enabled) when I tried to use fstab to mount some disk automatically. Firstly I thougth it is because of the power supplytoo weak… but now I have stronger and the situation is the same. Can you tell me please what does it mean? I do not need hdmi at all for me the w2 is a headless server… but I would like to use fstab :confused:


Hey, the HDMI not enabled-error is not the reason for the fstab-mounting-and-not-booting. It is shown whenever the boot process can not finish (I think).

You have to tell fstab to mount the disk only if present and without waiting for it at boot. The option is called nofail (there is also nobootwait, but thats not supported)

You have to add this options in your fstab-line:

UUID=XYZ MOUNTPOINT FILESYSTEM defaults,errors=remount-ro,nofail 0 2