BPI-W2 cant initialize SD card

(Vasily Tashkov) #1

Hello. My BPI-W2 cant initialize SD card. SD is not exist, regCARD_EXIST = 0x00 (CD flag is 0x04) SD: No card present initialize SD device at slot 0 failed sd - SD sub system

Could it be software problem, or this is hardware?


Probably a problem with SD.

(Vasily Tashkov) #3

I try 4 different SD card.


Have you checked if you are installing content correctly in SD?

(Vasily Tashkov) #5

Yeap. But it don’t detect it at all. Like no card at all


Maybe check the solder points and traces. You may need a Jewelers loop to see any cracks or breaks in the joints.

(bpi team) #7