[BPI-R64] open source ATF


I forked Repo from MTK and we got ATF working for eMMC (not yet sd-card,does not boot). For install currently tftp is needed

I added build-script and some documentation

If anybody wants to try it out:

Regards Frank

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Nice work. Since I only boot the R64 from sd card, please let me know when
it works, thanks.

i got it booted with the help of @sam33

updated repo with bin for first 512 bytes of sdcard and instructions in README.md

have now added sdmmc build, emmc-header stripped from original gpt, gpt without the head, so we can use it for both devices

  • sd_header.bin + bpi-r64_headless.gpt + bl2_sdmmc.img + fip_sdmmc.bin
  • emmc_header.bin + bpi-r64_headless.gpt +fip_emmc.bin (and bl2_emmc.bin in boot0)

i recreated the kernel-partition named it BPI_BOOT (as FAT32 and resized to 100M) and added BPI-ROOT-Partiton.

updated also install-instructions to use the *_header.bin+headless gpt, this makes it also possible to leave own gpt and flash around it


just a small update: i have installed travis-ci for creating automatic build like for my kernel/uboot-repo. this also creates images which can be simply flashed to sdcard/emmc without struggling with offsets

for sdcard:

  • flash bpi-r64_sdmmc.img to offset 0 of sdcard, and create filesystems on kernel+root partition

for emmc:

  • flash bl2_emmc.img to boot0-block
  • flash bpi-r64_emmc.img to offset 0 of main hw partition (/dev/mmcblk0), and create filesystems on kernel+root partition

i hope this way it is as easy as possible…if you want to compile yourself maybe with own uboot/gpt you can use build.sh to archive same result

  • change build.conf to right device
  • ./build.sh
  • ./build.sh rename # renames bl2.img and fip.bin by adding device and put them in root-folder of repo
  • ./build.sh img