BPI-R2 with BPI-7615(based on MT7615) module development progress

(xbgmsharp) #21

@garywang Mediatek provide driver for 4.16 why would you port souce code from V4.16 to V4.14?

(gary) #22

I made a mistake, Vendor just supports kernel 4.4, don’t have plan to support V4.16 yet. Of couce the V4.14 is working for R2, but lots of functions are not implemented yet.

(xbgmsharp) #23

Thanks make sense. I made a matrix to point the lack of support in 4.14, fell free to edit it.

(Frank W.) #24

nice Readme :wink:

wifi is working in 4.14…have it running since yesterday…not long enough for stability-statement, but at least it works like in 4.4

4.4. is in separate repository https://github.com/frank-w/BPI-R2-4.4

hnat works in your tests in 4.14? how about the the 2nd-gmac-problem? your hnat-patch (https://github.com/frank-w/BPI-R2-4.14/commit/d3177950c9153ac77f36c86204b16b4278d109c2) includes 2nd gmac…have you correct traffic on lan/wan?

added this to your Matrix and Links to Forum and my Wiki

(Maciek Szelągowski) #25

Is those MT7615 wifi module is working on your 4.14 kernel?

(Frank W.) #26

No,currently there is only a driver for 4.4, i don’t have such card yet, so i can not start porting driver

(Maciek Szelągowski) #27

Is MT7615 much better then on your site MT7612E? There is difference in 4x4 and 2x2 and big in price 66usd vs 19usd Need to have as longest range in home (small house and 40m away) And my net is 4G (now I’m using external router as bridge)

(Frank W.) #28

Imho you can start 2 ap on mt7615,7612 only supports 1 ap simultanously. But currently i have only a 7612…

(Maciek Szelągowski) #29

I need one main network 5G and one for IOT (domoticz+easyESP) 2.4G

So there will be no difference for me …

Going to Aliexpress to buy one.

Thanks for advice

(Maciek Szelągowski) #30

Which one is better in your opinion:




heard that the second is running flawless in linux (hope openwrt too)

(Frank W.) #31

Maybe second one…have thought about this too

(onon) #32

How can I get the kernel module for the MT7615 for my kernel 4.14?

(Frank W.) #33

As far as i know there is only a driver for 4.4 which must be ported to 4.14.

Do you have such module and can you test driver in 4.4?