BPI R2 USB or Else Camera Sugession

(Yusuf Bülbül) #21

Okay Thanks. I wil try.

(Yusuf Bülbül) #22

should I copy the files from another pc to SD card? Because I don’t see content of boot in BPI-R2

(Frank W.) #23

You compile it on the r2? you have to mount boot (mmcblk0p1) to use it

(Yusuf Bülbül) #24

yes. I am compiling on r2. Becase, I have taken many error with cross compile.Isn’t it work compiled kernel with this way?

(Frank W.) #25

It is not good practice to have a compiler on a server/router…but for testing it’s ok.

Which host system have you used for crosscompile? Ubuntu 14.4/16.4 with the following packages should compile 4.4/4.14 well with build-scripts shipped

sudo apt-get install git make gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf u-boot-tools

(Yusuf Bülbül) #26

I am using kali rolling. these packages are installed on my kali. but some header files under linux folder was not found while cross compile.

(Frank W.) #27

Compling uboot error: linux/compiler-gcc7.h: No such file or directory (rpi-r2) ?

Anyway,then you should look to make real backup…if you have a problem with own kernel that bpi won’t boot and compile only on it,you may encouter problems got out of this without backup

(Yusuf Bülbül) #28

the kernel building has been complited successfully but Any modules or kernel image didn’t exist in /SD/BPI-BOOT and /SD/BPI-ROOT directory after building kernel on R2. I think I should look a way for building cross compile. compilig output messages are following;

 INSTALL output/lib/firmware/mts_cdma.fw
  INSTALL output/lib/firmware/edgeport/boot.fw
  INSTALL output/lib/firmware/edgeport/boot2.fw
  INSTALL output/lib/firmware/edgeport/down.fw
  INSTALL output/lib/firmware/edgeport/down2.fw
  INSTALL output/lib/firmware/mts_edge.fw
  INSTALL output/lib/firmware/edgeport/down3.bin
  INSTALL output/lib/firmware/whiteheat_loader.fw
  INSTALL output/lib/firmware/whiteheat.fw
  INSTALL output/lib/firmware/keyspan_pda/keyspan_pda.fw
  INSTALL output/lib/firmware/keyspan_pda/xircom_pgs.fw
  DEPMOD  4.4.70-BPI-R2-Kernel
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/pi/BPI-R2-bsp-master/linux-mt'

 Build success!

any idea about these messages?

(Frank W.) #29

Have you called option 6 in build.sh?

(Yusuf Bülbül) #30

yep i have called option 6 first.

(Yusuf Bülbül) #31

Hi. Thanks for helps. I compiled the kernel gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf-6. It compiled succesfully. gcc-7 gives errors. Also, I have successfully activated USB CAM,

(Frank W.) #32

First 3 (compile) then 6 (prepare for SD)

What does usb-cam do with spidev? Spidev is spi-bus-user-driver…

(Yusuf Bülbül) #33

I will use opencv for image processing with usb cam. according to image processing I will control a embedded system with spi. Also I need ethernet router. I am using R2 for this.

have you any idea?