[BPI-R2] promiscuous mode for MT7623 switch and Open vSwitch


it seems that the MT7623 switch driver (or the dsa-driver) does not support promiscuous mode. No unicast packet with a non-local MAC address is forwarded to the userspace. Therefor, using the lan0-lan3 ports in a openvswitch bridge is not possible.

Is there a way to enable the promiscuous mode in the dsa driver, or is there another way to get openvswitch working?

Thanks, Marco

as wrote on github, i guess promiscious mode is broken on mt753x (says it set it, but not really active).

@Ryder.Lee / @moore can you help here ?

i see a patch today for port-morroring on mt7530. maybe he can help you with this


maybe ask landen chao, who wrote the dsa-driver for mt7531 (used on r64)