BPI-R2 New image : Openwrt/LEDE 2017-09-08


You can fix it in this way:

(xbgmsharp) #84

As per other comment, can we have a clear image link with English menu. Also can we have an update image of BPI-R2 Openwrt/LEDE 2017-09-08, as it is getting old.

(Desmond Chen) #85

In step 5, I cannot see any prompt on the screen but a pure white blank screen. What can I do next?


I created an image based on: https://github.com/garywangcn/bpi-r2_lede. It boots from SD card, I haven’t been able to get Wifi working. Ethernet works fine though.

SD-Card: https://mega.nz/#!4ZAh1JLJ!goe9BVkYsMq8s8kcXyYIONiOFptZXjgu8L2DAkc2Y1o

EMMC: https://mega.nz/#!tZBxCSTA!V7s8AanKmG7F0w7kZd3y2fo04rhbdO-VMKVBKmkLdvE


smokeythebandit, does the opkg work now?


@Tohin Not in this image, but I compiled a new image and now it seems to work.

The project on https://github.com/garywangcn/bpi-r2_lede is configured to compile for Cortex-A7 with neon as floating point processor, but the processor in on the banana pi 2 doesn’t have a neon unit. So the executable from the package manager couldn’t execute on the chip.

To fix it I removed ‘CPU_SUBTYPE:=neon-vfpv4’ from target/linux/mediatek/32/target.mk

SD-Card: https://mega.nz/#!5NwWxBLY!EyVVJkmkMXGiAJm8toeRwRhdViKX4fs85ckDCKtzr_I

EMMC: https://mega.nz/#!1EoyARDQ!blJ5WxcQQClT35YnNoDup-mMwJZlGnsDKEkozVBMKYE

(moore liu) #89

mt7623n support neon as fpu, and I guess the kernel config is incorrect so that you need to modify target.mk, thanks.



Hey @moore thank you for your responce. I’ve compiled an image using these settings in the kernel config, but there still seems to be some incompatibility with the binaries from openwrt. Maybe there is also in issue with the compiler ?

(moore liu) #92

please refer to below patch https://github.com/lede-project/source/commit/00dcccc74cf893dc453c715c74c342f88a67c6c0