BPI-R2 new image : Armbian with kernel 4.19.y 2018-11-5,support by armbian

(Maciek Szelągowski) #43

Check that your SATA ports are firmly soldered. Mine were not. I will have to solder them again.

(Try Infinity) #44

My USB 3.0 ports are properly soldered and working, on both if I insert a 32 GB usb stick, this is read

(Frank W.) #45

He’s writing about sata ports…not usb

(Try Infinity) #46

I was talking about usb, I can not use SATA ports at the moment

(Igor) #47

Will be investigated asap.


Thanks a lot for an armbian edition. Remind me please, how can i install this version on emmc ?

(Igor) #49

As stated in docs.armbian.com


Thanks Igor and here is the link. By the way, really nice Documentation…


same issue here, cannot reboot from emmc


how can i update uboot and kernel easy from emmc ?

(Igor) #53

Then we need to check. It worked last time I tried … kernel is updated standard way with apt update & apt upgrade


Any one else experiencing issues with apt-show-versions? I can’t get several things to install on either Armbian build due to this package. tried numerous things to get it running but no luck. Thank you.


Hi igor, do we have an update on this ? is someone else facing this issue ?

(Igor) #56

Yes. If your question/problem includes spending my time and since it does, start here: https://forum.armbian.com/subscriptions


Understood, and i will make a donation for a coffee/Beer, wish I could support more and i really appreciate you’re work guys. My post was only a question, i don’t wanted to push, since i now that this work is never gonna paid really for you’re investigated time and mostly voluntary. My apologies if i bothered you…