BPI-R2 Kernel 4.14 HNAT

(Paweł Kalemba) #21

so with main kernel its working by default,when i load hnat kernel it’s not even if i dont load hnat module( loading it not helps) @frank-w i will try tomorrow :slight_smile:

(Frank W.) #22

With mtk_eth.c from main it works,so it seems that there is something missing.

@garywang have you an idea?

Maybe we must first get gmac #2 working. Does anybody know how this can be done?


The HNAT related patches are under review (mainline kernel), so please wait.

(Frank W.) #24

Anything new? I still see no patches for hnat/2nd gmac. Lede-patches for 4.14 are not working (still no response on my bug-reports [github-commit,lede bugtracker,johncrispin,sean wang])

(moore liu) #25
  • 1.HNAT framework patch is not accepted so far.
  • 2.In my opinion, 2nd GMAC is not important because 1st GMAC is TRGMII and can reach up to 2Gbps. In other words. The ideal LAN<->WAN NAT bi-direction throughput can up to 2Gbps.


(Frank W.) #26

Anything new for hnat?