BPI-R2 already has an on-board RTC

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thanks, like my fix :wink:

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it seems that poweroff from 4.19-rc1 is not compatible with 4.19 final. i have added 2 includes to get it compilable, but board does not poweroff completely

power consumption is 1 W instead of 0.2W and all leds are going in a darker mode, but lit all, also network-leds stay on

also in this strange mode reset-switch does not work

i also changed this because i load kernel from tftp


can help here again? it seems that the main files (drivers/mfd/mt6397-core.c, drivers/rtc/rtc-mt6397.c) are not changed in last time

https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/10593453/ seems not to be merged…that was my first thought

@moore @linkerosa @Jackzeng can you help here? Something seems to be changed between rc1 and final (or rc7…had same behaviour while testing hdmi)

edit: mhm, it seems that tjis issue depends on any module…if i boot from sd-card with modules poweroff works like expected…if i boot kernel from tftp (only uImage) it does not working


Hello Frank,

So I have now tested 4.19. With me everything is as it should be at boot by sd. With tftp I have not tested, but are you sure that the kernel synonymous to the modules fits. “uname -a” and module-path.


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On tftp i have no modules (load only uimage) so i guess i need any module for this to work…this i want to make builtin. But i don’t know which module it is…the rtc and power are already builtin. Keyboard-pmic should be module for users who have soldered power-switch