BPI NB-Iot Linaro 96Boards Easy Development Guide

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This product adopts BC95 module to access NB-IOT network. The MCU adopts STM332 chip, the module is debugged through the serial port, usart2 is connected to NB-IOT module on STM32, and usart1 is used as debugging interface.

Development board schematicBPI-BC95-LINARO-V1_0 20170602-NITROGEN.pdf (124.9 KB)

And we prepared two versions of the test program, one of which is through the debug serial port debugging, the other is through the USB virtual serial port debugging.

debug serial porthttp://forum.banana-pi.org.cn/forum.php?mod=attachment&aid=MzE0OHw3ZjY0NDFkM3wxNTExMzQyNjI1fDB8MjIwMA%3D%3D

USB virtual serial port:http://forum.banana-pi.org.cn/forum.php?mod=attachment&aid=MzE2Mnw4NmRmMGYyY3wxNTExMzQyNzIwfDB8MjIxNQ%3D%3D


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gitbook online document and user manual


BPI NB-IoT Linaro 96Boards with Quecte BC95 module developent board