BPI-M640 800x480 Display support?

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I hope to get an answer since the support of the Banana Pi is not that good, I see posts that are not being answered and posts that redirect you to non exist solutions.

As for my question: I would like to add 800x480 HDMI Display, exactly what is being used with RPI (strange… for RPI everything is working for Banana Pi, hmmmm NO) I have seen in the instructions that you should modify the script.fex and save it to the bin format,but where is this script.bin location ??? I have looked in the 2018-11-02-debian-9-stretch-mate-desktop-preview-bpi-m64-aarch64-sd-emmc.img image under the bananapi directory and no no script.bin can be found!!!

Why are we getting incomplete images that cause us to waste a lot of time to find things that are not exist??

Can anyone help of getting this display work?

(ZB) #2

Hello,Please follow these steps:

  1. clone this repo:https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-M64-bsp-4.4

  2. edit “sunxi-pack/allwinner/tulip-m64/configs/BPI-M64-720P/sys_config.fex”

  3. find “fb0_width” and “fb0_height”, change like this:


  1. build this code.

  2. cd “SD/bpi-m64/100MB”

  3. plug your sd card with image installed in your ubuntu PC

  4. “bpi-bootsel BPI-M64-720P-linux4.4-8k.img.gz /dev/sd< drive letter>”

  5. plug your sd on m64, power on it.

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Sorry for the late replay I had to create environment. I did as you described and rebuild the boot image but when connected to the 5" HDMI LCD I still have a white screen. When I install Armbian image I am able to get the screen working with the correct resolution, so it is not a hardware issue.

Update: Connected the RPI to my TV and the TV shows that the actual resolution is 720P so the sys_config.fex didnt change anything…

So what is wrong?