BPI-M3 with R58,H8,A83T chip on board .so cool


They’re such inveterate liars:

“we have try to do kernel 4.1.x on BPI-M3, it can running fine ,but need some time to fixed some issue.”

The A83T, the BPi-M3 is built around, does not boot kernel 4.x – support in mainline u-boot isn’t that far until now and support in mainline kernel is in earliest stages: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/linux-sunxi/a83t

You can’t believe a single word @sinovoip staff is telling. Always just the usual lies “code is ready, have to optimise, will publish on github soon, give us some time”.

But they’re right since their customers let fool themselves again and again, don’t care and buy boards without useable software… and then

(marc wells) #22

i just paid for the banana m3 , i just read some of the post on hear about the board ,wow , did i buy the wrong board , it looks like it has a lot of problems , my be i got back to my raspberry pi 2 …

(soufyen) #23

There is no tutorial about or something about how to chose wich chip board allwinner R58 , H8 or A83T / DC or USBjack ??! :no_mouth:

(bpi team) #24

defaults ,we use A83T & DC power .

if you want others ,we also can support you.