BPI-M3 new image:Debian-8-jessie-mate-gpu-bpi-m3-sd-emmc.img 2016-5-16

(ZB) #41

Hello,I guess your M3 is new EMMC,this old image don’t support it. can you try this new image?

(zawier) #42

Hi, That image works with my emmc memory!! Thanks! But that image not support hdmi audio and WiFi in my case. How can I force it?

(ZB) #43

Hello, enable wifi please look here:http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Getting_Started_with_M3#WiFi_on_M3

you may need to install other player,some of players don’t support HDMI audio.

(zawier) #44

Following steps from wiki I was succesfully able to connect WiFi , which is great! However my UI is not able to show any wifi network at all. Regarding sound- when tried VLC player (change sound to hdmi default) it’s also works! But here is the same problem like with WiFi- how to associate it with UI?