BPi M2-Ultra PMP support

(davide) #1

Hi, I see ont he wiki that this boar might be compatible with PMP. I try to follow the same procedure describe in the wiki (cancelling the NO_PMP costant from sunxi_ahci.c but seems nothing happend. Any suggestion?

Linux 4.14 Supporting some Banana Pi Products

I’m also looking for PMP on the M2U. If someone could help us I would be very thankful!

(bpi team) #3

we not test this function;

below is allwinner document about sata. SATA • One SATA Host controller • Supports SATA 1.5Gb/s and SATA 3.0Gb/s • Compliant with SATA spec 2.6 and AHCI Revision 1.3 specifications • Supports external SATA(eSATA) • Supports power management features including automatic Partial to Slumber transition

(bpi team) #4

you can check dirver ,it not support PMP

(Franc Serres) #5

Somebody try this Link


No, that method only works with kernel version 4.x+

R40 is just quad core version of A20, so I guess recompiling kernel will work… Maybe?

I need support for kernel 4.x cause I’m planning upgrading my NAS, but for months, still Sunxi is saying it is under work in progress.