BPI-M2+ Raspbian 9 Screen error

(czarmin _) #1

I just switched from an rpi3, because of the performance. I found this Raspbian (BananaPi BPI-M2P(H3) new demo images release with kernel 4.4 2018-11-09). When i inserted the sd card into my bpi and plugged it in, my screen was black and I got this message(from the monitor) “Out of range 67.6 kHz / 60 Hz”. My monitor is 1366x768p60. It’s a VGA monitor so I use an adapter to transform it to HDMI. I tried tinkering with uenv.txt changing the resolution, but nothing changed.

(Igor) #2

Try https://www.armbian.com/banana-pi-m2-plus/ … it should work better, but problems with HDMI 2VGA are known. Some works fine, some don’t.

(Genny Smith) #3

This error occurred in my Windows device due to some of the error codes. But as soon as I fix Error Code 0X80071A90 in my Windows laptop, it got solved.

(linda miller) #4

Yes, this is happening because of your antivirus didn’t work properly, I also face the same error after that I simply visit McAfee Support Number to know the proper solution to solve out the issue properly.