BPI-M2 New Image(Android4.4 V4.0) Release

(bpi team) #1

BPI-M2_Android-4.4_V4.0_LCD BPI-M2_Android-4.4_V4.0_hdmi

BPI-M2_Android-4.4_V4.0 supports features as follows: 1.Supoort Camera feature (Uses new camera device v2). 2.Support GIGA Ethernet (Fix giga ethernet issue). 3, Android kernel version:4.4

download link:


(Chris) #2

WiFi still does not work…

(BPI_Justin) #3

HI: we’re now working on this issue, and we’ll update the new images ASAP.

(bpi team) #4

WIFI issue fixed . please test V4.1 image.

(Tothezan Lucian Petru) #5

hello, wifi still not working on v4.1. please do somenthing about it. thanks in advance.regards.

(Jay) #6


I am working on bpi M2 and successfully connect Touch Monitor through HDMI-VGA cable using Android HDMI OS image. Now I want to use Touchscreen as a input keyboard (Not physical USB Keyboard) and My Touch monitor has USB connection of its Touch Controller from one end terminate at bpi usb port. For this I need to change Android OS and recompile Kernel to make it works.

I need suggestions.What is the best way to resolve this issue??


(ricky long) #7

ok I have the hdmi version of android 4.4 v4.0 wifi is working, however on the 4.4 v4.1 touchscreen version wifi is not working how do I get the hdmi version to work on touchscreen? or better yet change the wifi of the touchscreen version to the same as the hdmi version

(Tothezan Lucian Petru) #8

yo, bananapi guys! when will we have a fluently android working OS on M2? it is very frustrating to have such a device that works so crappy because You are not able to adapt Android version that actually can be used on M2. I wonder if our money had problems entering Your accounts when we bought it. Thanks for your reply. a very satisfied customer.

(Banana Pi Korea) #9

I have BPI-M2 and trying to boot Android (any version) with HDMI(HDMI-DVI connection), but nothing happens.

Please HELP!!!

I tried many different images, many different sdcards, many different BPI-M2… So far, no luck!