BPI-M2 Android 4.4 shut down

(Yasser Syr) #1

How can I shut down the device normally? In my case, I press the power button or detach the power supply (OTG). if so,I cannot turn it on again. it stays on the “Allwinner logo” and does not boot the OS. so I have to burn the image every time I need to use it and lose all my data and apps. thanks for helping…


i Use a app from playstore (power off, shutdown)

(Yasser Syr) #3

what’s the name of the app? cause I tried such solution but it was useless

(Yasser Syr) #4

this app needs root, right?

(lorddestruction6@freemail.hu) #5

in terminal type : poweroff
but you need to be root for this