Blank (white) screen with HDMI connection with 800x480 5 inch LCD

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Greetings all,

I’ve recently obtained a Banana Pi M2 Ultra, and tried to use is one of the Ubuntu desktop images - The problem is that when I connect the my 5 Inch 800x480 HDMI Touch LCD Screen Display to the board, nothing gets shown - just white blank screen. Just like if you were to just power the screen via its USB cable, and not attach the HDMI connection at all.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Thanks, markov85


You need to patch in this resolution. The kernel they use doesn’t offer that much different HDMI resolutions.

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Hi charles,

But how ? (Not too Linux-savy here)

BR, markov85

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Hi Markov85:

Did you find the solution? i have the same problem, but i’m using 2017-08-24 - ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS Mate Desktop with support BPI-M2 Ultra & BPI-M2 Berry kernel 3.10.107

i’m using this HDMI 5" screen from:

That HDMI 5" screen works perfect with Raspeberry Pi using ubuntu mate too. Nevertheless, the Bananapi M2U works without no issues with my TV on 1080 resolution, but i can not find the way to use my small HDMI screen.


Mauricio F.

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HI Markov85:

Did you find the solution? on how to use the 800x480 5 inch LCD thru HDMI?

You answer will be welcome.


Mauricio F.

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Hello Markov85,

I am also facing the same issue of not working HDMI 5" display screen. Please suggest some solution. Thanks,

BR /Ash

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Dear Ash:

This is the worst user forum ever. Here nobody never answer, even if in the past they had the same issue and not to mention the Banana pi tech support becuase it is the worst too. I wrote several times asking for a solution and they always told me that they haven’t tested that 5 inch LCD screen while the problem is not the LCD by itself, it is a problem of legacy kernel 3.4 or 3.10 that banana uses for their boards.

What board do you have? my solution was to move to Armbian nightly image with 4.13 kernel, and that fixed the LCD without doing nothing. That 4.13 kernel support all the boards that are allwinner H3 based, but board with R40 like BPI-M2 Ultra, will be supported on next 4.15 kernel that will be release by the end of the month or beginning of february.

Armbian is lighter and so much faster than all the banana pi images, even as the nightly is based on ubuntu too.

PD: nightly means that is a beta version (not considered stable), but the true is that it is perfectly stable.

I hope that this help you.