Battery Connction

(JElectricity) #1

hello? First of all, Im not good at Eng.. So, Im sorry for my bad Eng…

I bought BPi-r2 for my study “what is the best antenna of Multi-connection and Long Range” but, actually I don`t know about Linux and Kernel(?) I tested new image and wifi. …Oh, sorry.

What I need, how can I run BPi with battery. I heard 6p connector isn`t woring. Is it Real? and on the board, I can found many battery icon and solderd pad. (without any connection) Can I use one of these? What can i do?

(ZB) #3

Hello,I think R2 doesn’t support battery now,can you use 12V/2A power adapter?

(Frank W.) #4

I also want a uninterruptable power-supply,but gary says that battery-connector does not work…maybe there is another way to power with battery additionally to 12v power-supply