Bananpi R2 - SATA ROOTFS - Waiting for root device /dev/sda1

(Frank W.) #21

Why such old kernel? 4.14 and above support much more including sata rootfs

For temp: Lm-sensors support


I have installed the 4.14.83 from Your github. It can boot, and (as I see), it will have cifs support to, which is mandatory for me. But I can’t reach ethernet connection on the eth1 or eth0 interface. My router (Mikrotik) has a DHCP server, but static IP on BP-r2 also not working. there is some trick about it? with the 4.4.160 working fine. Thanks!

(Frank W.) #23

In 4.14 your ip config has to be done on lan0-lan3 and ethx have to be set only to up