Banana Pi BPI-W2 test mPcie RTL8822BE Wifi &BT function

(bpi team) #1

Banana Pi BPI-W2 test 8822 Wifi &BT function, all is working fine .




(kaka) #2

nice greate job.

hi,why i am in ubuntu only see one eth,is eth0,where is the sec eth card ?


(bpi team) #3

Banana Pi BPI-W2 WiFi Speedtest with mPcie RTL8822BE, direct Internet access,Not network card limit test

(kaka) #4

i buyed a RTL8822BE and insert my w2,but i can’t found the wlan in the ubnun 18.04.




My Intel 8260ac card doesn’t work either. Try lspci and see if RTL8822BE is on the list. If so, rebuild the kernel with proper driver for Realtek wireless cards and you should be able to find wlan in network interfaces.

(kaka) #6

I try the intel 7260ac but not work,then i buy a rtl8822.

(bpi team) #7

we will finished this test ,and update driver to github. then let you know how to use it.

(kaka) #8

thanks sinovoip!!!

(kaka) #9

please update the kernel to greate linux 4.14 ,is support the 8822be.

(bpi team) #10

8822be drive update to github.

use bpi-tooling to update

bpi-update -c bpi-w2.conf

(Fernando Mercado) #11

Hello. Is it possible you can update with Intel chipset family? The iwlwifi driver including the lastest 9260 one. Thanks in advance

(hu372536862) #12

My bpi-w2 runs Android 7.1 system. RTL8822BE is installed on CN7 (PCIe1.1) interface. Only WIFI is available. BT Bluetooth is not available. It shows that it is disabled. May I ask why?