Banana Pi BPI-R2 Open Source smart router with MTK 7623N design


This is version 1.1?

(bpi team) #113

yes. this is our formal production version

(bpi team) #114

yes, now all is 2 sata port support.


Thank you! Where is buy fxs/fxo and e1 board for him?

(bpi team) #116

sinovoip do driver and test now , if you can do by yourself ,you can contact to buy sample . BPI-R2 run asterisk on it ,need some time to do this work.:slight_smile:


When will there be a stable img ubuntu server or debian without visual environment?

(Frank W.) #118

are there different versions (second pcie-Port)?

(KG) #119

Yep. Please explain once more what is v1.1 and what will be v2.0 and when.

(bpi team) #120

sorry , just 1.0 and 1.1 hardware , i make a mistake . we name newest v1.1 , not V2.0 , so no 2.0 version. newest is name 1.1 version.

(KG) #121

Any result using hostapd and general experience with testing wifi-ap/routing/nat functionality?

Is Rasbian image supported?

Will there be any bundle with case/antenna/power-supply?

As for asterisk - may do some testing, currently works well with r1 3.4 and chan_dongle gsm modem, yet no pri or analog ports.


Wonderful questions… Hardware should be adapted to software? :mask:

(KG) #124

Any updates? Planning to order some new routers soon, but “recommended” Ubuntu with 4.4 kernel confuses. Any luck using more modern (e.g. 4.9.x) kernels armbian\raspbian image?


Will the box for r2?

(bpi team) #126

we design a box now , maybe it will coming soon.

(bpi team) #127

are you get free sample ??? we have instock


Free? I buyed 5 for test

(bpi team) #130

haha , if you can help us to development , and share it on our forum ,and help others . we can send free sample .:slight_smile:

as you know ,free sample just few , not support all users.:slight_smile:

(Александр Рыбалко) #131

I get one on AliExpress (awaiting for packing). But I love to embed FreeBSD into such board, so free sample may help. One for home use, second for development, if you interesting. As you know there two very cool project running FreeBSD, which may perfectly extend interest to board. This is FreeNAS for home/office storage and pfSense for home/office/company firewall.

(Koen) #132

I’ve been watching the R2 development and discussion with great interest.

With a free sample (preferably including case) i offer to build and document a headless / lite version (no GUI), from the existing image (ubuntu mate). I would try to make it both in the form of an image as well as a script.

I’ve been running self-configured headless rpi, even before that was officially available for download.

Let me know if there’s interest.

(dorabmon) #134

i have found most drivers available on mainline kernel, you could start to port those drivers you have interest such as ethernet and switch mt7530 driver