Banana Pi BPI-R2 Open Source smart router with MTK 7623N design

(the_bao) #43

@sinovoip this project is dead, isn’t it?

(bpi team) #44

we do hardware V2.0 , will coming soon . hardware 1.0 need to do some optimize

(the_bao) #45

Does the new hardware have 3rd mpcie slot? Because i want to use it like a dual band wifi AP (dual module), the only one mpcie slot is not enough. I will not use MT6625L in AP mode. I beg you, SOC has 3, just add on your board, please. :wink:

(bpi team) #46

i see . if you not use USB 3.0 , you can get two pcie interface , the other one is for sata interfact.:slight_smile:

(the_bao) #47

With lots of hardware to get PCIE from USB3.0, single module, i think we have to put them on the table not in case. Now it’s look like a board for developer, not home user :joy: Last thing, i still want 3rd mpcie slot on back side than via usb3.0

(moore liu) #48

2nd pcie and usb3.0 interface are co-phy for mt7623, i.e, they share same phy to save the cost, so the 2nd pcie port is a native pcie port when usb3 is not enabled, thanks.

(bpi) #49

Faster, China! Too long…

(the_bao) #50

there is the picture function diagram from ASIARF & Shenzhen Gainstrong Technology Co., Ltd

i edited it for our BPI-R2

correct me if i’m wrong, i just want to cleanly understand.

As i said, i wanna use BPI-R2 like a real AP, so i thing MT7623A is better.

(moore liu) #51

mt7623n supports hdmi, GPU to be a SBC (single board computer) and can use TRGMII and RGMII interface to connect to mt7530 gigabit switch,so it is better than mt7623a.

in addition, I found many upstream activities in past months, including IR, 7530 DSA, I2S, PWM, pcie, DTS… etc. it is a good news for us :smile:

(Hilal) #52

Is this available for sale yet?

(bpi team) #53

next month. will public sale.

(the_bao) #54

Can you show us some picture of hardware v2.0 and MT7615 mini pci-e card. Price for them?

(Natasha) #55

Hello all.

Introduction begin I’m orange pi user so I’ve bought an Orange pi plus. I felt wondered at its abilities such as Gigabit Lan, mali400, DVFS, shutdown and reset buttons and other good things. But something gone wrong during the testing. Turned out that Gigabit Lan is connected thru USB2.0 (400Mb/s), mali400 has NO driver on SUPPORTED OS based on Linux, Hardware H265 video decoding wasn’t provided (H3 SoC supports it of course). DVFS does’nt work on little frequencies (There is some hiddend DVFS with higher priority). The board buttons are not programmed.

That is not a H3 computer that supports linux or Gigabit Lan (same success is to solder butterfly knife there - still knife but useless). What we (OPI buyers) get is deception. Introduction end

I really hope you making product that meet its description. I want to buy it. So please let us buy your product - show us it’s performance

  • show us Mali work on linux
  • show us hardware video decoding H264 and H265 on linux
  • show us power consumption at different run levels
  • show us working of programmed buttons

Otherwise Your product does not costs its parts, ICs. I dont want buy Jet engine on horse cart for price of jet liner, in this case price must meet its abilities - price of horse cart.

Thank you.


It seems you tried the wrong OS images? Everything is working when you use ‘Ubuntu Desktop’ from here: (most users stopped using the ‘official’ OS images for their Bananas and Oranges long ago)

(Natasha) #57

Thank you for trying to help me, Charles. Directly from your link: Mainline kernel images (all boards) (next/dev branches)

  • No Mali drivers
  • No hardware accelerated video decoding
  • schedutil CPU governor may cause clicks and pops on audio output – change(d) to ondemand to work around this issue

Really I did not use this image, There may work DVFS and board buttons. I guess that is not OPI developer’s work.

But the main problems are still relevant:

  • theoretically maximum speed of Gigabit Ethernet is about 50MB/s
  • no mali drivers
  • no hardware H265 decoding
  • theoretically maximum speed of SATA is usb2.0 speed same as ethernet fail

So no any software will be able to fix Gigabit Ethernet and SATA connection thru USB2.0.

I hope Banana Pi developers will not do such scam.


Yes, you’re using still the wrong image as already said. Choose “Ubuntu desktop – legacy kernel” and you’re done. Gigabit Ethernet is fast but SATA is slow since it’s not SATA but GL830. Start reading from ‘Beware’ here:

I hope Banana Pi developers will not do such scam.

They did, look at BPI M3: same slow/defective GL830.

(N Patel) #59

Can you please provide target date and price?

(bpi team) #60

end of this month will public sale .and price is about 85 USD

(bpi team) #61

Banana pi BPI-R2 run ubuntu linux with kernel 4.4.59 test


Unbelievable. Instead of showing anything relevant (boot log, at least some performance numbers for Ethernet and SATA or any other important stuff) you show a boring video without SATA/PCIe connected and a terminal with just a ping running.

Do you really call this a ‘test’? Where are the kernel sources? Where is schematics? You don’t have them right? Even the BLOBs you got from MTK are still outdated (4.4.43-BPI-R2-Kernel.tgz)

This will gonna be the same fiasco clusterfuck as with R1 in the beginning.