Banana pi BPI-M3 will send free sample for test

Hello. I develop 3d graphics and music, and am interested in creating a “multimedia creation workstation” that would possibly use a cluster of the Banana pi BPI-M3 as a co-processor. (I also might use a parallela as well). Here is a link to what I’ve created with a cluster of normal computers:

I would like to get the newer hardware and design a pluralsight (or youtube based) course for developers around it I’m tired of not having 101 level material on self help sites like pluralsight and youtube. I’m based in Akron, Ohio and am the founder of Akron’s hacker/makerspace, and can share the new design at our weekly meetup “Microcontroller Mondays”. Who knows some folks might even consider buying the platform, I can’t guarantee… I can simply share the latest design updates with our local community. Really glad you guys are working on a more revised edition. Its high time. I hope I make the 1000 people cut :wink: More information about me: or

You know me…

Banana Pi Review

Banana Pro Review

Banana Pro/Pi 3.5 inch RGB LCD Module Review

Banana Pro/Pi 7.0 inch RGB LCD Module Review

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Thank you, that is a useful limit.

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Hi, I have a e-shop on well-known auction sites. I’d like to test a free sample to know how to promote this new product. Thanks.


Sample tester board will incorporate with a 10" touch panel/screen for vehicle. Tie in my hard drive where I can play various movies from a collection of 1,000. No tablet can come close to this for years!

On an additional sample request or if purchased, I have a review here.

(: so Sinivoip, when can we paypal you the shipping fees and when will we know who you chose?

we now build our github , when software is ready ,we will do this first 1000 pcs ,and will let you konw.:slight_smile:

Hello, I’m the dev of Ultracopier/Supercopier/CatchChallenger.

For the test of the MMORPG server in mode super scalar server cluster this hardware will be very useful. You can see more details here: I have already more than 20 ARMv7, include cubieboard (A20) and some Banana Pi.

You can see some of my hardware review on the wiki. And tracking by commit: Have look to:

Hello, Banana pi Team. I am a college student from China. I love Banana pi develop board. My classmate and I are big fan of open source OS. I also have blog can advertise this product. I would like to test and write reviews of BPI-M3. It would be great if you can send me a sample. We would love to advertise this Banana Pi product and writing reviews about it. Thank you for reading this. I will be lucky to have a sample of this board.

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Hello, sinovoip, How long do we have to wait for the sample? Have the BPI-M3 boards been produced yet? Cannot wait to get a one.

we now planing to do the first 1000 pcs . all hardware have test OK.

please add my QQ: 18184536

Hi, I am a lecturer in Electrical Department of Technological University (Myanmar). I have my blog I want to test the M3 model for my class and will write review in my blog and in Facebook. Please send me one M3 for testing purpose.

Dr. Aung Win Htut Lecturer TU(Myanmar)

I want to get a free sample . There is a popular blog about the mini - computers for Russian users. Here’s my articles about Banana Pi : - 18 694 views 118 comments - 2 314 views 11 comments - 2 817 views 6 comments - 1 719 views 6 comments

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Hello! I am interested about testing M3. I am a part of an active organization, Robotics Association of Nepal, which is working in the uplift of technology in Nepal.

We are having an art-tech exhibition in this November, i’ll present multiple projects using the same server processor, M3 and multiple Arduino. The exhibition is the part of YANTRA 4.0, which is the only robotics festival in Nepal. This will promote as well as provide a platform for us to do something different. I commit to do my best for advertisement of Banana pi.


My Name is Arda Kilicdagi

I’m running the biggest Raspberry Pi community in Turkey, at

I’m also an author of the only Raspberry Pi book in Turkish:

We have contacted earlier and I’ve already tested Banana Pi earlier, at this address:

This post brought a hype about Banana Pi in Turkey.

If you can send me a sample, I’ll gladly test it and make an article too.

You can contact me from my email in this forum profile, which we already did earlier for Banana Pi (you have contacted me from the community’s Facebook page last year).

Waiting for your input,

Can’t wait to test the new BPI product!

Have a great day, Best Regards,

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I would like try the new board out. :smiley: