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I will be using this to create ambilight using BPi like RPi

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Hello, I teach and work in the field of cinema/filmmaking and am presently developing various camera gear. One of them is a motorized camera dolly which is built around a minicomputer like BPi. It will operate a base car which moves on 4 to 6 wheels and by 2 to 4 DC motors. Additionally, the mini computer will operate 3 to 4 other axes: one rotates the base column of the camera (pan), one rotates the horizontal axis (tilt), and one to cant (for canted angles). I am also planning to develop a robotic arm that will increase the number of axes to 6 and hopefully will be programmable. In other words, the mini computer should take input (via a touchscreen or android app through bluetooth/wifi) and perform them as requested and repeat as many times as required. The base car moves on wheels but will also run on a set of aluminium rails (L shaped profiles) and will be able to climb up to 65 degrees of inclination thanks to 15kg/cm torque DC motors. Thus, the whole design will be very flexible; i.e. it will be able to move on flat surfaces (marble, table tops etc) and also move along portable tracks. I need a powerful mini computer with GPIOs and BT/wifi abilities. I am a part of a filmmaking group and we also run a blog where we post filmmaking related articles on cameras, software and write tutorials and reviews. If we are granted a PPi M3, which will be a perfect candidate for our protoype, we can build the motorized programmable dolly in this summer and make it ready for the coming season. The blog will document the whole process of course and there will be a BPi dedicated review as well.

We are not a commercial group. I am an academic and my friends have other daytime jobs and our group is an amateuris group with professional aspirations. We have no funds for production and rely on saved money and most of the time DIY approach for our equipment. I don’t know whether this qualifies as a good application but we would be delighted to have a sample of Banana Pi, which I am very curious about.

Thanks for your offer and best wishes…


So be careful to not apply after May 4 since your chances might be a bit lower? :wink: Funny, as long as it seems to be free people would also start to apply for 10 slaps in the face. Even if they have to pay the shipping from hand to face…

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Hi! I Have a website in and I do my videos related to my posts and reviews in I’m admin in a few facebook groups but I’m a member in a lot of him.

I want to do a review but a project to. My idea is use this board in a post using computing vision to trace black and write images. Maybe I will use Banana Pi and any MCU, but I will run my programa using OpenCV in Banana Pi.

I want to do more then one project (as you can see in my website, I make a lot of him). I want to make a robot using the Banana Pi as a Beacon. Beacon this board is very powerful, I wanna do more projects that I need processing.

My email is:

You can found me in linkedin too (if you wish to know a bit more about me):

Thank you very much!

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Hi, I am Panos

I would like to do a review to my blog about it ( You can find more info about me in linkedin

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Hello All,

We work on IOT. Currently we use raspberry pi 3 for data fetching and data analysis and cloud connectivity for devices in manufacturing plants. We get BPI-M3 we can use it as the same purpose and check its effectiveness.



I would love to get the chance to get to test the new M3. I really like how the linux distributions get more and more supported. The speed is fantastic of this board and i’m so interested to test and develop with it. My last project was a BPi M1 as a NAS Storage with Fileserver and some Server applications (Teamspeak, Minecraft etc).

I wish everybody a lot of luck.

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Looks like someone edited my original post and did not change the ending date.

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I and interested in using this with my personal home automation platform, and this fits well. I am happy to author a review on the M3 that I can post on this site, as well as on my Wordpress blog:

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I ould like to test an computer vision aplication, to detect cracks in glass with opencv.

Best regards, Lucian.


Build your own data center - strongest arm cloud with using the octa core BPI-M3 and container based cloud technology.

To build a 3 node computing cluster/cloud and benchmark against my existing 6 node Raspberry PI 3 Cluster.

  • I already have a 6 node PI3 cluster: 24 Cores, 6 Gigs of RAM and 100 megabit interconnect speed in the Cisco Gigabit switch (1 master node and 5 worker nodes)
  • Plan to build a 3 node BPI-M3 cluster: 24 cores, 6 Gigs of RAM and Gigabit interconnect speed with a Cisco Gigabit switch (1 master node and 2 worker nodes) Build the cheapest and strongest cloud - can 3 pieces of BPI M3 beat 6 pieces of Raspberry PI3 in price and computing power?

Basis of benchmark and real life use cases: latest generation container based cloud: Docker/Kubernete cluster, running web and database servers: running the same number of server instances with measuring the website response times and test the node failovers.

I am the founder of BPI R1 image creation group: Created when the BPI R1 was in early stage to improve the image developments.

Please inform me if you are interested in the project and I can create a cluster stack from BPI M3 - already designed and built a Raspberry PI3 cloud - published here:

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My project would be an intelligent guard for a honey bee hive. Honey bees are well known to be on the decline, even in areas that don’t have pesticides. The main culprit is the Varroa mite. The BPI would be used to recognize the mites in real time, while they are on honeybees in the hive, and kill them with blue-purple laser diodes (the mites are red so a blue light would be absorbed most effectively), or selectively quarantine the bees carrying them. A secondary function would be to eradicate wasps trying to enter a hive.

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申请BPI-M3 以前用过BPI,用M1搭建了博客,希望能升级到M3,国外访问可能会有问题 并在此基础上进行一些物联网(IOT)和微信(WeChat)方面的尝试


申请M3 以前用过M1, M1+, M2等,并总结过一系列文章 发到狗趴技术论坛: 香蕉派社区: 电子产品世界: 等知名论坛 例如以下内容:

想用M3进行一些物联网等方向的学习和尝试 比如作为MQTT Server/Broker,配合微信实现物联网(Iot)智能家居控制等 或者做为Airplay Server,实现Wireless音箱等

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My word of posting is learning and applying microcontrollers for myself and my friends. The project I prefer to do with bpi-m3 is I would use it to make server and cloud device for my iot projects. Also I use it to develop my creativity on using embedded systems


我目前是個大學生 受限於金錢因素,雖然聽過這些版子但還沒用過這類的版子 現在是想要透過這類的版子學習嵌入式系統(embedded system) 的開發 同時打算要實作一個可以透過遠端透過wifi即時回傳影像並透過wifi操控的遙控車 而遙控車的轉向和前進後退希望可以透過pwm(透過arduino去做pwm)的方式控制 而非單純的一個指令就到底而沒有線性的感覺 如果可以的話會嘗試在上面做一些影像的處理或辨識的功能(大概會用opencv做些簡單的實作) 感覺banana pi m3 的硬體效能肯定可以克服這些問題,會有問題的大概就是我的腦袋跟手有沒有辦好好利用它了 :wink:

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I give my word that i wil post reviews of banna pi bp-m3 on youtube , facebook, twitter and in all the social networking sites i am in.when i will get my first banan pi bpi-m3 i will tell all my frined sto buy it. and share it’s awesome features.:):slight_smile: and i will will create my own projects and make banana pi bpi-m3 famous. my project will be to make a walk to charge project ,which will be loaded with many features. once it is in the market ,i will showcase your board name . thank you and plz selcet me.this is the project i am currently working on on multiple projects .if i get this board .IT will help me to continue my project and will also help me to showcase your board .since i’m popular