Banana Pi BPI-M3 New Image (New EMMC) Release: Raspbian jessie 8.0 2018-5-28 V1.1

(Rafael Lima) #21

Still no wlan x-(…

(ZB) #22

Do you mean wireless card? Actually this image have wlan0,and support WiFi STA mode.

Did you try “ifconfig -a”?


Pls can someone give a tutorial to run DS18b20 temperature sensor on this image.

(even) #24


I,ve installed raspbian image in my bpi-m3 and volume control doesn’t work. The master of the speaker always stays at zero and i can’t change it. I’ve searched for solutions in different forums without success.

I’ve try different comands in console like amixer sset Master 100% amixer cset numid=1 – 100% > /dev/null amixer cset numid=3 2 trying to switch the audio output to HDMI … and none of the solutions has solved the problem.

Could someone guide me to solve the problem? Thanks.