Banana pi BPI-M2 Berry quad core single-board computer with Allwinner V40

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board size limited , BPI-M2 berry same size as raspberry pi 3, and can use RPI 3 boxs. so we remove battery interface ,if you need it, please choose BPI-M2 Ultra.


Are you kidding?!

Two solder pads for a battery like on Banana Pi M1 can be placed without any problems on top PCB side and bottom PCB is almost empty (see wiki to compare with M1 PCB situation in case you never held one in your hands). You’re really telling us you saved the battery connector for PCB size constraints? Do you think we’re stupid?

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BPI-M1 board is bigger than BPI-M2 Berry

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BPI-M2 Berry public sale . easy to buy sample :slight_smile:

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Banana Pi M2 Berry - unboxing, boot, thermal imaging pictures

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BPI M2-Berry where WiringPi is downloaded

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image have include Wiring Pi support . or you can download source code at github.

newest version:

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I downloaded version 2.44 of WiringPi, it prompts me that the version is not correct and my development board is BPI M2-Berry

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Hello, I bought a Banana Pi M2 Berry. Unfortunately I have not found a system with the Banana Pi booted. The image “2017-05-25-raspbian-jessie-preview3-bpi-m2u-sd-emmc.img” can not be started. The Banana Pi hangs up in an endless loop when booting. For help, I would be grateful. Greetings Jürgen Rieger

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Hi Jürgen

Schreib das img neu auf die SD, die zip hast entpackt ? 
Wenn das nicht Hilft musst du es neu Downloaden .

Write the img new to the SD, the zip have unpacked?
If this does not help you have to re-download it.

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Hello Wolfgang, thank you very much for your answer. Yes I have extract the ZIP-File and I have write the Image multiple times at the SD-Card. If I open the Google Download Side a Message appears: Google Drive kann keinen Virenscann für diese Datei Durchführen. Trotzdem herunterladen? Where is a better Link to download this Image? Where can I find a better download? Regards Jürgen

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V40 datasheet:

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Hello sinovoip bpi Team, thank you for your answer. I need not a datasheet and a schematic diagram, I need a Image to flash a SD-Card. For days I try to burn a SD card however without succes. Is there an image running on the Banana Pi M2 Berry? The images you have proposed do not run at my Banana Pi. Best Regards Jürgen

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you can use this miage

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Thank you very much for your answer. My Model is “Banana Pi M2 Berry”, V40 Quadcore 1,2 GHz, SATA WLAN, GBLAN, BT Serial# 4250236815510 CR-1573544 Best Regards Jürgen

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Dear Sir, Thank you for your hint. I have used this Image. But it did not work. You can watch the result in a video. The Link to the Video: Use VLC Media Player to watch the Video-Stream. Regards Jürgen


Hallo Sie müssen darauf achten wie die Bezeichnung ist Ich habe das gleiche gerät Banana PI BPI-M2 / BPI-M2 Berry Funktioniert einwandfrei. Achim