Arch linux on Bpi M2 ultra?

(Vasanth) #1

Is there arch linux image that could run on Bpi M2 ultra with support for emmc boot?

(bpi team) #2

we will support arch linux image later .

(bpi team) #3

arch linux update :


Hi sinovoip, I successfully installed the archlinuxarm image on my banana pi m2u. It appears to not use the installed linux-armv7 kernel (4.17.6-1), but a rather old kernel instead (3.10.107-BPI-M2U-Kernel). The problem is now, that some basic tools do not work, e.g. “dig” gives me this error:

$ dig random.c:102: fatal error: RUNTIME_CHECK(ret >= 0) failed Aborted (core dumped)

Any idea how I can make it use the archlinuxarm kernel? (I tried entering it in my uEnv.txt already, but it refuses to boot - most probably, because I didn’t know how to specify the ramdisk) Cheers, deep42thought