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BPI-M2+ with allwinner H3 chip design, BPI-M2+ (H2) use allwinner H2+ chip design and BPI-M2+ (H5) use allwinner H5 chip design


Nope since there’s no need for a M2+

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I have a proof of concept based on raspberry pi 2. Would the banana Pi BPI M2+ be a good substitution? In other words, can the board process 1080p @ 30 fps or better video? Do it have a csi interface for camera? lastly, do you supply PCB footprints, schematics, BOM, example code with video zoom function, e.t.c?

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hardwar is support ,but dirver not support good yet, we have test it on BPI-M2 ultra ,support 1080P recode video,and 1080P photo