4OZ Heavy Copper 4L PCB with ENIG



Base Material Fr4 TG170

Layer Counts 4L

Board Thickness 2.0mm

Copper Thickness 4OZ

Min.Hole Size 12mil(0.3mm)

Min.Line Width/Spacing 8mil(0.2mm)/10mil(0.25mm)

Solder maks Color Green

Silkscreen Color None

Surface Finishing ENIG

Min.Quantity of Order No MOQ

Certificat UL,ISO 9001,ISO 14001

Difficulty Heavy Copper

Processing capability

Base material: FR4/Aluminum

Copper thickness: 4 OZ~6OZ

Outline: Routing, punching, V-Cut

Soldermask: White/Black/Blue/Green/Red Oil

Surface finishing: Immersion Gold, HASL, OSP

Typical conductor width/spacing/thickness tolerance is +/-20%, although tighter tolerance is achievable.

Applications for Heavy Copper

Heavy copper can be used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, high power distribution, High current applications, thermal distribution for good thermal management, planar transformers, and power convertors.